Our open architecture business model is based on two fundamental pillars:

  • An in-house team of seasoned professionals
  • Strategic partnerships with worldwide renowned external service providers

Private Investment Club

Very well-connected worldwide, SFO gives Members precious access to private and exclusive investment deals.

We also help them find partners for their various businesses, and secure the participation of important strategic players.

Asset Consolidation & Reporting

Our comprehensive, consolidated reporting covers both bankable and nonbankable assets. Real-time online reports allow our Members to monitor the progress of their portfolios at their convenience, and in detail.

We offer:

  • Global reporting
  • Performance and fee analysis
  • Regular updates on security prices
  • Monthly and quarterly consolidated reports

Investment Advisory Services

SFO sets out investment strategies, creates innovative investment solutions and selects the best managers and execution firms for each asset class.

The service includes:

  • Investment policy statement
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Independent choice of best-in-class providers
  • Monitoring and rebalancing
  • Advisory asset management mandates

Bank Relations

SFO manages banking relationships on behalf of its Members, including:

  • Negotiating favorable rates for lines of credit and personal loans
  • Negotiating bank fees
  • Negotiating corporate financing conditions
  • Advising on the optimization of transaction costs
  • Managing the relationships with custodians and financial institutions

Real Estate Advisory

Drawing on the expertise of our international network and real estate professionals, we work with our Members to:

  • Assess their real estate portfolio
  • Design and implement a range of strategies
  • Optimize portfolio income
  • Execute development projects

Succession and Estate Planning

Working with attorneys and designed representatives, our professional advisors provide our Members with the full range of estate and trust planning services, including:

  • Succession planning
  • Trusteeship
  • Wealth restructuring

Philanthropy Counsel and Foundation Management

Our long experience in foundation management makes us a useful guide for all our Members wishing to plan and execute meaningful philanthropic endeavors.

Lifestyle Management

Our Members can also tap into the lifestyle expertise of our sister company S SIGNATURE, a conciergerie managed by a Clefs d’Or member. They provide our Members with brilliant solutions, from the daily life demands to the most exceptional requests, in the various aspects of their lives.