Our mission at Saradar Family Office (SFO) is to support our client families as they grow and pass on their wealth and values from one generation to the next.

Remaining committed to our core principles of Integrity, Objectivity and Confidentiality, we provide expert solutions tailored to preserving these legacies. 


A dynamic financial life has diverse, often inter-related, aspects. Our integrated approach addresses every one of them, from investments and cash-flow management to wealth transfer, tax and retirement plans-all with the utmost expertise and professionalism.

SFO Members are affluent families who:

  • Wish to perpetuate their name and legacy 
  • Manage their wealth holistically
  • Value discretion, transparency and independent advice
  • Benefit from cooperating as an exclusive investment club 

SFO Members aim to ensure:

  • Long-term growth of capital with limited volatility
  • Predictable cash flows 
  • Access to exclusive investment deals 
  • Appropriate tax management
  • Efficient negotiations with banks and other financial partners
  • Multi-generational estate planning
  • Philanthropic opportunities